The Order of the Beloved L. D. Anderson
Winner: Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice Awards!

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I'm Larrey Anderson, author of the award winning new book: The Order of the Beloved.

About the Author
L. D. Anderson studied comparative religion and philosophy at Harvard and Penn State and studied law and philosophy at the Catholic University of America. A retired Idaho state senator, Anderson now spends much of his time writing. He and his wife live on the Snake River in southern Idaho.

About my latest book, The Order of the Beloved

It is written in scriptures that immortals, those who cannot die, walk this earth. Some believe they have wandered among us since before the birth of Christ.

Father Jerome Dougherty, a Catholic priest; Professor Harold Weintraub, a Jewish philosopher; and Nathan Johnson, a Mormon FBI agent, team up to solve the murders of three men who claimed to be immortal. Together, they commit to finding out whether the assassinations are an elaborate hoax or if an ancient cult has managed to slaughter eternal innocents.

In this provocative novel, friends become enemies, governments align with terrorists, and religions turn their backs on their own principles in order to protect-or perhaps destroy-the truth.

Advance praise for The Order of the Beloved...

"The Order of the Beloved is a riveting thriller. Mr. Anderson's expansive grasp of philosophy and religious history results in a seamless weaving of fact with fiction. Thoughtful and witty with unexpected twists, this narrative both entertains and provokes reflection."-Chas. F. McDevitt, Retired Chief Justice, Idaho Supreme Court

"Intellectually and psychologically captivating, The Order of the Beloved is obviously written by a scholar and a literary artist."-Robert F. Calhoun, PhD, clinical psychologist