The Order of the Beloved L. D. Anderson
Winner: Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice Awards!
Secrets of The Order #1

Not all of the documents produced by Father Dougherty, Nathan Johnson, and Harold Weintraub were reproduced in the printed version of the manuscript. For example, Father Dougherty refers to a psychological study of the members of the Order of the Beloved that does not appear in the book. These unpublished documents contain the secrets behind The Order of the Beloved. They are quite technical in nature, which is why the editors decided not to include them in the manuscript. They are reproduced here for the first time.

These documents are reserved for initiates only. If you have read the book you are invited to share in these missing pieces of the puzzle. WARNING: If you have not read The Order of the Beloved you will not understand these secret documents and you will not be granted access to them.

More Secrets of The Order of the Beloved will follow in the coming months as we promote this book across the United States and around the world. Watch for them soon!

To proceed to the first of the Secrets of The Order of the Beloved please answer the following question: What is the last word of the book?

1) end

2) season

3) complete

4) death

5) winter

6) reason

7) forget

8) remember